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Providence Gay Flag Football League
Providence Gay Flag Football League

Providence Lobsters

Travel Teams

Providence Gay Flag Football League is proud to send competitive teams to two national tournaments and additional regional tournaments (e.g. Philly Special), under the name, Providence Lobsters. The national tournaments are Pride Bowl, which takes place in Chicago in late June, and Gay Bowl, which takes place in early October and, this year, will be held in Seattle. We'll be sending up to two Open Division teams and two Women's+ teams to these two tournaments.

*Tournament Eligibility: In order to be eligible for tournament teams, a player must be in good standing with the league and must have played in our most recent season or be registered for our current/upcoming season. Once selected to a roster, all tournament players will be required to attend a minimum number of practices (greater than 50%) in order to be eligible and may forfeit their roster spot if they fail to meet the minimum threshold.*

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