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Travel Teams

We plan to field at least one travel team to participate in the Gay Bowl XIX. Additional information is below. In 2020 we will look to participate in other national tournaments held throughout the year. The league and travel team members will hold fundraisers and seek sponsors to reduce travel expenses for our players participating in each tournament.

The Gay Bowl is governed by the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) board of directors. Three teams participated in the inaugural Gay Bowl held at Hollywood High School in April of 2002. Charter membership included Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. One year later Atlanta, Chicago, and San Diego joined in the festivities for Gay Bowl II in San Francisco, California. Since then, the tournament has grown to nearly 60 teams, featuring three Open Divisions and a Women’s Division.

Gay Bowl XIX   |   New York City - October 10-13, 2019

Other 2019 National Tournaments

Sin City Classic (Las Vegas) – January 17-20, 2019

The Aloha Classic (Honolulu) – February 15-17, 2019

Florida Sunshine Cup (Ft. Lauderdale) – February 16-17, 2019

Pride Bowl XI (Chicago) – June 28-29, 2019


We are looking to our spring players (and potential fall players) to create a travel team or teams that want to Compete, Connect, and Unite; and represent Rhode Island at a national tournament featuring 60+ teams from 25 cities.

Play & Experience

Gay Bowl is organized into 4 divisions with teams self selecting which division they want to compete in. Upper Competitive (A), Middle Competitive (B), Lower Recreational (C), and a Women's only division. The PVDGFFL Board believes that we have opportunities to compete in B, C, and the Women's divisions at this year's tournament.


Seeding games will begin on Friday, October 11th and we will play two games either at 9AM & 1PM, or 11AM & 3PM. Saturday we will play our third seeding game TBD and following the conclusion of all games, team(s) seeding will be determined and bracket/elimination play will begin Saturday.

Each team that participates in the Gay Bowl is guaranteed to play in 5 games. With the final game being a consolation game on Sunday IF you lose your first game in bracket/elimination play on Saturday.

Budget and Costs

PVDGFFL and player who are selected for our team(s) will participate in fundraising and finding sponsors to help reduce costs. The PVDGFFL Board wants anyone interested to be aware of the estimated costs that players traveling to the tournament will be expected to cover on their own. Here is an estimated budget breakdown per person:


Costs Estimated to be Paid for by PVDGFFL (pending fundraisers/sponsorship):
Gay Bowl Jerseys/Shorts -- $50
Travel to NYC -- $200-300


Costs Each Player is Responsible to cover:
Individual Registration Fee -- $65 (covers fields, referees, transportation to/from hotel to fields, and access to all tournament events over the weekend)
Hotel Stay in NYC -- $300 (4 nights, based on 4 occupants per hotel room)
Food/Drinks/Entertainment -- $300 (adjust accordingly based on your preferences)


The above amounts are simply estimates at this point in time. If we do an incredible job with fundraising/sponsorships PVDGFFL may be able to cover a larger percentage of the costs ... the opposite is also true. Please keep this in mind moving forward.


Gay Bowl XIX will sponsor and host events throughout the weekend. This includes an Opening Party on Thursday, October 10th where players will be required to "check-in" with the tournament. If you must travel early Friday morning from Rhode Island, you may "check-in" Friday morning before play at the fields. Keep in mind our first game may be 9AM.

Local Bars/Restaurants/Venues will be working in conjunction with Gay Bowl to create and sponsor various events over the weekend when play is not occurring. More details will come as the NYC Gay Bowl committee releases more information.

Team Selection & Leadership

The PVDGFFL Board is still determining how we will organize teams. A big influence in that process will be the number of players who are interested in participating. Following the responses of this survey, the Board will work to make decisions in our selection process. We've already been meeting and communicating with other NGFFL city leaders regarding their processes (Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale) in an effort to find best practices from leagues who've fine tuned their processes over the years.

Our travel teams will have captains just like our regular season teams. Currently, our plan is to utilize the PVDGFFL Board Members as Captains. If we have enough interest for multiple teams we will look to others in the league to help as co-captains. We'll also finalize this decision as we create a more comprehensive policy on our travel team selections. Gay Bowl guarantees us one team in the A, B, or C division, and one team in the Women's division. Based on overall responses from member cities they will offer additional slots for a 2nd/3rd team for any of the divisions based on overall league size and years of participation in the tournament. We believe we have a good chance of sending two teams for A/B/C divisions if we have enough interested players. We are also hoping to have enough interest from women to send a team for their division.


All players who participate in Gay Bowl XIX must have played in Spring 2019 or commit to registering and playing in our Fall 2019 regular season.

Travel teams participating in Gay Bowl directly aim to serve LGBTQ+ folks in a healthy and competitive atmosphere. NGFFL and PVDGFFL rules for eligibility state that there are a limited number of potential spots for Cisgender-Straight individuals on our rosters.

Roster Size and Rule Differences

It is our hope that rosters will be have 14-16 people, with the idea of having both offense and defensive specialists.

In Gay Bowl, there WILL BE punting, kicking and therefore punt and kick returning. We'll work in summer practices to find players who specialize in these areas.

Summer Commitments

The PVDGFFL Board will work to create opportunities for all team members to practice, participate in social and community service events, and to learn more about the game to improve our competitive advantage going into the tournament.

We may work to schedule scrimmage games with Boston's travel teams to gauge our competitive level- please keep this in mind as we'll be working on a schedule following our spring season.